Patrick’s Cabaret supports artists in their growth and development by encouraging artists of all experience levels to try new things, take risks or present works in progress. We serve a diverse range of artists, from emerging to experienced, from teenagers to seniors. The Cabaret’s first commitment is to serve the needs of local performing artists, specifically reaching out to artists of color and GLBT/queer-identified artists and those with disabilities.


The Cabaret began in 1986 as a single evening where Patrick Scully invited other artists to join him in a show of works-in-progress. The evening proved so successful, and the need for a performing venue to support new work so great, that Patrick’s Cabaret grew rapidly into an essential community resource. Over the next two decades, we have maintained the original formula of presenting a shared evening with artists of mixed artistic disciplines and levels of experience, expanding to fill two weekends each month that have literally featured thousands of performances by local artists.

In the early 1990’s, we expanded the concept of the cabaret to include theme-specific cabarets and guest curators, such as Heidi Eckwall’s Sappho Rigolo. This expansion drew new artists and audiences to Patrick’s Cabaret. The number of guest curators and thematic cabarets grew slowly over the years, and has expanded rapidly since Patrick’s return in 2005. 

Once the Cabaret acquired its own space, first on 24th Street, and even more so now on Minnehaha Avenue, the Cabaret proved to be of great value to the local community as an affordable space to rehearse, teach, perform and hold events. The demand for space has grown, as has our capacity to provide the space while working to keep it cost-effective. Many of our renters are emerging artists.