Alys Ayumi Ogura

Alys Ayumi Ogura is a Twin Cities-based performing artist. She started her modern-ballet lessons as a child under the guidance of Japan’s Mika Kurosawa, who was later to become the “godmother” of Japanese contemporary dance. Alys Ayumi then moved on to theater acting in college. 

Alys Ayumi has been performing in the Twin Cities since 2010, and has worked with Aniccha Arts, Hauser Dance, Kinetic Evolutions Dance Company, Live Action Set, MotionArt, Emily Johnson/Catalyst Dance, SEVEN DANCE, John Beasant III, Melissa Birch, Emily Gastineau, Marylee Hardenbergh, Vanessa Voskuil, Josie Winship, Company Blue (Italy), Sandrine Harris (CT), and AXIS Dance Company (CA) through Link Vostok (, among others. 

Alys Ayumi is thrilled to end her 2016 performance year at Patrick’s Cabaret’s Raw Material show series, which is the perfect opportunity for her to develop materials that she has touched upon in the two latest “Ode to Navarathri Kolu” festivals, organized by the Ragamala Dance Company. She is looking forward many upcoming 2017 projects, including MotionArt’s annual show in Feb. 2016 and Kinetic Evolutions Dance Company’s 10th Anniversary Tour in May and June 2017.