Andi Cheney

Before joining Patrick's Cabaret as the Associate Director, Andi Cheney worked in a variety of capacities at a number of Twin Cities theaters, including as a freelance bookkeeper for Theatre Novi Most and a Program Consultant for the emerging Twin Cities Actor Consortium. Most recently Andi served as Bedlam Theatre's Interim Managing Director, as a freelance grantwriter and production manager, and as one of the Minnesota Theatre Alliance's Emerging Performing Arts Leader Fellows for the Performing Arts Human Resources Toolkit Series

Andi is a community-based theatre practitioner with over a decade of experience working in various iterations of professional, youth, radical, and experimental theatre. Since graduating from Macalester College with a Theater degree in 2009, Andi has worked and trained with Theatre of the Oppressed, clowning, mask, burlesque, spreadsheets, producing, directing, and production management, leaping from performing to administrating in a single bound or juggling both simultaneously. She is currently the Board Chair of Raw Sugar, a local feminist company dedicated to making adventurous and imaginative projects driven by women, where the driving artistic ethos is that everything is about friendship. As a stage and production manager, she has worked with Dangerous Productions, Sandbox Theatre, the zAmya Theatre Project, Bedlam Theatre, and Bricklayers Theatre, and she has performed locally with The Tempest at Franconia, the Soap Factory's Haunted Basement, Bedlam Theatre, Off Leash Area Theatre and Dance, Box Wine Theatre, and the Wheel Sexy Cabaret. She has also produced original work with the Minnesota Fringe Festival (#ItsRainingInsideAgain: an Arts Administrator Show, wherein she also played Mr. Rogers) and a new translation of F. X. Kroetz's Housework with Barnacle Theatre Collective.

Andi is excited to continue to use the performing arts as a tool for social change with Patrick's Cabaret, and she is looking forward to supporting the network of artists on the edge of culture.