Dameun Strange

Dameun Strange is a Sound Artist based in the Twin Cities area with an eclectic taste in music. He believes music is the greatest tool to create social change. Dameun grew up in Washington, DC, where he started on his journey with music and sound at a very young age. He was fortunate to have grown up exposed to many different styles of music influenced by the vibrant culture represented in the Mid Atlantic Area. He has since been fascinated with the idea of exploring the outer limits of music and fusing them into a style that is uniquely his. Dameun moved to the Twin Cities to attend Macalester College where he majored in Music and English. His formal study has included Classical, Jazz, West African and Electronic music. Dameun has performed as a saxophone soloist and keyboardist with a number of groups in the Twin Cities area of many genres including gospel, neo-soul, acid jazz, ska and hip hop.