House of Larva Drag Co-Operative (Featuring Cicada L'Amour and Pouchet Galore)

House of Larva was founded in 2014 at Beloit College, WI by drag ogress-- Cicada L'Amour-- and her parasitic lover--Enfanga Sphynx. The Co-Operative provided platforms for drag, dance and performance art at Beloit college from 2014-16 through our cabarets, including Carnal Instinct: Dinner for One and Slut Shaman. In 2017, Pouchet Pouchet joined the co-operative, performing in the MN Fringe Festival.  L'Amour, Sphynx, and Pouchet moonlight as dragademics whose research includes queer temporality, immigrant identities, transgenerational trauma, cosmic pessimism, and borders in/outside the body.  You can find more about House of Larva at