Nezzie Garcia

nnezz "Nezzie" Garcia is a queer Cuban flow arts and fire performer born in Chicago, Illinois and based out of Minneapolis since 2006. Her passion for flow arts began when she picked up her first hula hoop in 2010 and has flourished in the 8 years since.  From there, she began to explore a variety of props such as poi and fans, but her prop of choice is the hoop. Through a tempered dedication to the artistry of hooping and the community around it, she strives to support  many flow and performance arts engagements, recently having the privilege of performing at "Jam for Youth", a fundraiser for 'The Bridge for Youth', a Minneapolis nonprofit that offers free services for homeless or in-crisis children and teens ages 10 to 17. Additionally, this is her fourth year attending the Campfire Flow Arts and Fire Retreat  in Geneva, Minnesota and her first year contributing as an Organizer, and in 2017 she had the transformative experience of supporting her fire troupe 'Northern Fire Dynamic' at Burning Man.  Through this, Nezzie continues to grow as an artist and share her passion for movement and freedom of self-expression through her art.