Queen Drea

As an improvisational artist, Queen Drea uses the energy of each night to give her set life, creating a special bond with each new audience. Employing a combination of electronic and analog synths, a loop station and effects, Drea uses her voice to weave fantasy into lush electronic scores worthy of an 80's Hip Hop dystopian movie.

Ryan-Olivia McCoy is a proud Afro-Latina born in Philly raised in Florida. Ms. McCoy recently moved to the Twin Cities to perform with a local dance company Daara Dance under the direction of choreographer Michel Kouakou. Embarking on her journey as an independent choreographer, performer, and dancer. Olivia's current work centers around the investigation of what it means to be an Afrocentric artist in a predominantly white dance world.

Ryan-Olivia and QueenDrea are looking forward to sharing their new collaboration​ in Revolutionary Jetpacks.