Sharon Day

Sharon Day, Ojibwe, is the Executive Director and co-founder of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force. She is an award winning artist and writer. She is the co-editor of Sing, Whisper, Shout, Pray! Feminist Visions for a Just World, and Drink of the Winds, Let the Water Flow Free. She has performed with Illusion Theater, the American History Theater, and Pangea World Theater. Her Poetry has been included in numerous anthologies including the St. Paul Almanac, Indigenous Women's Network and others. As an environmental activist, she has walked the length of the Mississippi River, the Ohio River, Seneca Lake, Potomac & James Rivers, the St. Louis River, the Minnesota River, the Missouri River and the 4 Directions Water Walk from Gulf Port, Mississippi to Lake Superior. In 1990, she created the Native Youth Theater Ikidowin for the Indigenous Peoples Task Force. This youth theater ensemble has performed 9 original plays on the health topics of HIV/AIDS, Tobacco Abuse, Teen Pregnancy and Sexual Abuse and Historical Trauma.