Wolf Valencia

Wolf Valencia has been a writer since age 12. They started with fictional short stories and had a 7th grade teacher who hyped their work heavy. At that same time, Wolf delved deeper into religion because they were living with a devout Baptist aunt who made attending church an almost daily requirement. It was there that they began writing [God] poetry. It wasn't until Wolf was 17 and began learning how to be a filmmaker that they found the courage and desire to perform work they'd written.

Although they've been performing for a long time and writing for even longer, Wolf's writing accomplishments are few and directly linked to their survival. While homeless in their teens, they performed at events geared towards eradicating homelessness for queer black youth and improving access to art in that community. At age 19, they spent 6 months in jail writing poems for food and clothes. Wolf stopped performing for a few years after that, but after moving to Oakland, California, they began to write and perform again to escape depression. Now, back in Minnesota, Wolf has been putting in work to create stability in their life through their art.