Patrick’s Cabaret was a queer-led performance art incubator supporting the growth & development of artists on the edge of culture from 1986 - 2018.

Thank You for Supporting Our Work

For over three decades, Patrick's Cabaret provided accessible opportunities for artists to create transformative work on a professional stage. We supported artists who experiment, who challenge, and who build community. We were committed to making space for artists from identities and communities on the margins of society. And we did it all on a shoestring.

As we reflect on 32 years of continually redefining the edge of culture, and celebrate the artists and community members we’ve had the privilege of working with, we are so grateful that you decided to stand out on the edge with us. Contributions from patrons and friends help fund necessary staff, maintenance, program, and other financial requirements that help us continue supporting artists in their growth and development. Please consider making a financial donation today to Patrick's Cabaret to support our Sunset Season and ensure our legacy will resound in the Twin Cities for decades to come. Join us and enjoy the sunset. Patrick's Cabaret is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization, and donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

How to Donate

  • By Check - Please make your check out to "Patrick's Cabaret" and mail it to PO Box 8096, Minneapolis, MN 55408.
  • Online By Credit Card (one-time or recurring) - We accept major credit card donations through our non-profit service provider for online donations: GiveMN. It's an easy and secure way to support the work you love. The donation will appear on your credit card statement as "The K Foundation." Please make an online donation and support artists today!
  • At Performances - At every Patrick's Cabaret show, we pass a basket and ask audience members to consider contributing to Patrick's Cabaret. Cash and check gifts can be put in the basket, and donations by credit card or requiring a donation receipt can be made at the box office. 


Patrick's Cabaret is grateful for the support of:


  • The McKnight Foundation

  • Metropolitan Regional Arts Council through an appropriation by the Minnesota Legislature - Funded, in part, by appropriations from the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the State’s general fund, and its arts and cultural heritage fund that was created by a vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

  • Minnesota State Arts Board through an appropriation by the Minnesota Legislature and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts - This activity is made possible in part by a grant provided by the Minnesota State Arts Board through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature from the State's general fund and its arts and cultural heritage fund with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.

  • David and Leni Moore Family Foundation

  • The Carolyn Foundation


PHOENIX ($500+) 

Mark Bussey, Chet Taylor/Aries Legal, plc


Anonymous, Anonymous (In honor of Jeannie Artley Szymanski), Bee Bletsian, Owen Brafford, Wendy Brown-Baez, Mike Curran & Zeam Porter (from the community at Open Call Cabaret, a pop-up show benefit), Peter Foster, Janis Lane-Ewart, Eliza Tocher 


Denise Artley, David Bjork, Pam Cheney (in honor of Andi Cheney),  Michael Dunham & John Giordano, Karen Heegard, Tim & Suzanne Lauer, Eric Meininger, Sarah Peters, Janet Schmitt, Jon Skaalen, Dennis Yelkin 


Scott Artley, Claire Avitabile, Brad Best, Kerry Bird, Nastalie Bogira, Pedi Bourgeois, McKay Bram, Lisa Brimmer, Max Brumberg-Kraus, Steve Budas & Gail Irish, Neal Cuthbert & Louise Robinson (in honor of Patrick Scully), Annelisa Donlan, Asher Edes, Penelope Gardner, Courtney Gerber, Scott Gilbert, Theo Goodell & Rachel Jendrzejewski, Sharon Gregerson (in honor of Scott Artley), Max Gries (in honor of Asher Edes), Sue Haas, Hannah Holman, Paul Hogrefe & Jim Sauder, Bobby Kahn, Tim Knaedle & Karen Kleinman (in honor of Adrienne Kleinman), Mollie Lacy, Kassia Lisinski, Stephani Maari & Misha Booker-Oneby, Ben Marcy, Kate Moore, Alys Ayumi Ogura, Angie Pabon, Scott Pakudaitis, Juliette Paradise, Rosie, Jessica Roelofs, Gabriela Santiago, Debra Schanilec, Jamie Schumacher (in honor of Scott Artley and his amazing leadership), Deb Skold (in memory of Cora taken by HIV), Seebie Sparklehaus, Molly Sullivan, Vitaly Vostrikov, Lachele Wendel (in honor of Scott Artley) 

FIRESTARTERS (any amount)

Ayesha Adu, Megan Anderson, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Catie Ball, Micheline & Eugene Bayiha, Jeanne Bischoff, Alex Brahm, Laura Burlis, Ellie Carter, Kathryn Chlebeck, Colleen Cilwick, Jerry Dastych, Ellis Davenport, Johannes Davies, Sherri Davis, Siren DeLuna, Anna Dolde, Ellen Dybvig, Jono Eber, Karen Ellery, Crow Essler, Gabi Estrada, Kristen Filiaggi, Michael Flood & Gretchen Pick, Anne Foster, Emma Foti, Becky Githinji, Clark Goldenrod, Aubrey Hagen, Will Hamlin, Miranda Harris, James Hartzer, Terri & John Hawthorne (in memory of Win Weston), Maija Hecht, Alice Heeger, Kasey Heimstead, Penny Ives (In honor of all the years of opportunity Patrick's has given performers), Suzanna Jack, Theo Jacobson, Tawny John, Janet Johnson, Amy Hero Jones, Katie Jurenka, Rohit Kamath, ML Kenney, Michael Khuth, Jaclyn Kline, Anna Kunin, Thomas C. Lang, Sarah Lawrence-Lupton and Lucas Higuera (in honor of Peter Foster's birthday), Nissa Lent, Kathryn Lewis, Beckett Love, Xochi de la Luna, Catherine Lundoff, Samuel Malm, Roni Margalit, Isaysha McCaleb, Teresa Mesa Adamuz, Suzy Morales, Donavan Mountain, Ayanna Muata, Juliette Myers, Ami Naff, Lidija Namike, Al W Oertwig, Jon Oz, Nora Patterson, Sami Pfeffer, Cullen Propp, Michelle Rodriguez (in honor of Queen Drea), Bob Ronson, Liz Roten, Stacy Sobotka (in honor of Melissae Bee), Hanna Stevens, Niara Williams, Elaine Wynne & Larry Johnson, Peter Zeftel, Tammy 

This reflects donations made from January 29th, 2018 (when we announced the sunsetting) to May 24th, 2018. We apologize for any omissions or errors, please contact us if we have incorrectly acknowledged your gift to Patrick's Cabaret.


Anna Schmitz, Ayanna Muata, David E. Shannon, ANONYMOUS, Eric Meininger, Kristina Lepel (in honor of Ell), Charlotte Foran, Aggie Hoeger & Bruce Gregg (in honor of Peter Foster), Bob Rouillard, Jeanne Bischoff (in honor of Peter Foster's birthday!), ANONYMOUS (in honor of Rose Katz), Alys Ayumi Ogura, Michael & Regula Russelle, Margaret Scheirman, John Winemiller, Beverly Wolfe & Daniel Reiva, Susan & Lloyd Armstrong, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Philip Rickey, David Bjork & Jeff Bengston, Terri and John Hawthorne, Anna Peters & Antonio Rodriguez, Bee Bletsian, Denise Artley, Katsushi & Michael Schmitz, Nora Rickey, Peter Foster & Leslie MacKenzie, Deb Schanilec, Gabby Santiago, Dennis Yelkin & Jim Berenson, Michael & Kate Gardos Reid (in honor of Damaris Jackson), Joyce Kennedy (in memory of Wallace Kennedy), Jakubas Dental Clinic, Bobby Kahn, Catrina Huynh-Weiss, Loc Tran, Jody Schepers, Marcus H. Hering, Denise Artley, Judith Hendrix, Daniel Czuprynski, Nancy Williams, Stacy Sobotka, Ayesha Adu, Rebecca Anne Shipman, John Enger, Decent Exposure, Matthew Morse, ANONYMOUS, Shelly Toman, Paul Kopeshy, Kari Rightfoot, Vanessa Stephens Coldwater, Kristin Turnblom (on behalf of Charissa as well), Sara Axtell, Suzanne Salhus (in honor of Bee's Birthday), Chris Stinson, Anonymous, Robert Winters, Claire Avitabile, Marina Santiago, Mollie Lacy, Anonymous, Gretchen Pick & Michael Flood, Sarah Peters, Eli Effinger-Weintraub, Eleanor Rosenthal, Kiah Nelson, Craig Dunn, Andi Cheney & Owen Brafford, Amy Danielson, Hannah Holman, Scott Gilbert, Jon Skaalen, Teresa Brockman, Arthur Paulson, Deborah Skold, Judy Shields, Anonymous, Sarah Nemetz, Clay Whipp (in honor of Niara Williams), Michael Schwab (in honor of Adrienne Kleinman), Nate & Sammie Knaeble, Eric Schwab, Karen Kleinman (in honor of Adrienne Kleinman), Madeline Achen, Cory Skold, Harry Waters Jr (in honor of Kevin "KAOS" Moore, Supergroup, and Lisa Brimmer), Alejandra Tobar, Penelope Gardner, Suzanne Weinstein, Jane Kleinman, Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, Alex Renshaw, Johanna Olsen Molnar, Evan Boyce, Teresa Mattila (In honor of Carl Palmer), Janet Schmitt, Molly Sullivan & Samuel Rockwell, Greg Wallin (in memory of Doug Clobes), Kirstin Wiegmann, Ifrah Mansour, Catherine Lundoff, Jamie Kurash, Em Nuckols, Addison Sharpe, Piper Shatz-Akin, Michelle Paul (in honor of Jill Michaelree), Scott Pakudaitis, Vicki Joan Keck (in memory of Joan Calof), Ann Markusen, David Weinberg, Aaron Merrill & Masami Kawazato, Josie Winship, Susan Haas & Michael Sommers, Annelise Tarnowski (in honor of Chloe Tarnowski), Chad Whittlef, Marie Cooney, Anonymous

We apologize for any omissions or errors, please contact us if we have incorrectly acknowledged your gift to Patrick's Cabaret.