Anything but English

Now in its third iteration, “Anything But English” is a multilingual cabaret about mother tongues, global appetites, and the ways we are lost and found in translation. This series has already presented 46 artists speaking 13 different languages. For a second year we partner with Pangea World Theater for this production curated by Margaret Ogas.

Inspired by Marcus Young’s practice “Don’t You Feel It Too?,” the simple and beautiful act of dancing your inner nature in public places, dancer/choreographer Alys Ayumi Ogura invites other dancers onstage to share their spontaneous dances to music in other languages. Raving Native Productions, a project of writer Marcie Rendon, presents a short play in Ojibwe, an endangered language, by three Ojibwe speakers. Sandjock Likinè presents a multimodal interpretation of a graphic novel drawn from conversations with her father in Bàsàa, one of Cameroon’s 247 national languages, and one at risk of dying within a generation. Multidisciplinary digital and video artist Meena Mangalvedhekar’s performance “Yummygration Gossip” unpacks cultural connotations of an Indian kitchen, examining the struggle of an Indian potato recipe to make home in Minnesota. La Curandera, an interdimensional traveler character played by artist and producer Xochi de la Luna, creates a sonic landscape navigating border imperialism, diaspora, dysphoria due to lack of language, anti-colonialism, and depression. Spoken word phenom Dua employs a dialect of Arabic that includes echoes of the ancestral Sudani language Rutana, along with movement, to tell the story of a transmasculine boi grappling with a fear of softness, hardness, and duality.

Curated and hosted by: Margaret Ogas


$10 from participating artists
$10 (+ service charge) online
Sliding scale $12-20 at the door

Produced by Patrick’s Cabaret
At PANGEA WORLD THEATER STUDIO - 711 W Lake St # 101, Minneapolis, MN 55408


Friday, April 20, 2018 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Saturday, April 21, 2018 - 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Event Location
711 W Lake St # 101, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Venue Details: 

Pangea's studio is accessible to both artists and audiences using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Restrooms on the lower level can be accessed by elevator and include larger stalls equipped with grab bars.