Writing Our Own Love Letters

Writing love letters to ourselves allows us to create safer spaces to be honest and vulnerable in our artistic practice - and to offer ourselves love, care and support. Artists will learn some of the science behind positive self-talk and gain skills for writing their love letters. The workshop will have space for self-reflection and boundaries sharing to help foster community care along with self-care. This workshop centers and uplifts LGBTQ Indigenous artists and artists of color - artists who are frequently marginalized and/or exoticized in their personal and artistic lives.

The Artist-Faciltator's intentions are: the space will be majority LGBTQ Indigenous peoples and people of color; topics such as allyship will not be addressed; racism/homophobia/transphobia will not be allowed; andLGBTQ IPOC participation will be prioritized. If you are wondering if this workshop is right for you, please reach out to the Artist-Faciltator, Tori Hong at tori.s.hong@gmail.com.  

Tori is a queer, non-binary, 2nd generation Hmong and Korean American visual artist based in Minneapolis. Throughout their work, they weave their experiences with and knowledge of personal and inter-generational healing in order to create healthier, more powerful communities. They also have two cats. 

This workshop is the third of five that will be held throughout March and May, 2018. The Artist Education workshop series invites artists on the edge of culture to teach their peers about the personal and professional skills they’ve developed to thrive on the margins. The program — a unique collaboration between Patrick’s Cabaret, Pangea World Theater, and Soo Visual Arts Center — is intended to create collaborative space for artists to share their skills with fellow artists and organizers, to strengthen relationships and build resilience, and to provide opportunities for artists to put their knowledges to work.

Please register in advance. We ask a $5-10 sliding scale, but have subsidies available if you need. Snacks and other refreshments will be provided.



Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Event Location
Ricardo Levins Morales Art Studio
3260 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Venue Details: 

RLM Art Studio is wheelchair accessible, and holds two gender neutral, single stall bathrooms.