Meet Our Artists

Oskar Ly is a Queer Hmong French American artist and cultural producer. Her creative practice is rooted in social change, using organizing and facilitation as a means to engage communities. She is the founder of ArtCrop, an art & food community supported share program to deepen investments in Hmong artists and farmers. She also has her own fashion art label under Os.Couture. Having led cultural productions such as the Little Mekong Night Markets, SOY New Year, Fresh Traditions Fashion Show, her work focuses on culture, community development, and social enterprise.

Roxanne Anderson is a 2018 Bush Fellow. Rox is a community activist who’s been working in social service for some 20+ years.

Sharon Day, Ojibwe, is the Executive Director and co-founder of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force. She is an award winning artist and writer. She is the co-editor of Sing, Whisper, Shout, Pray! Feminist Visions for a Just World, and Drink of the Winds, Let the Water Flow Free. She has performed with Illusion Theater, the American History Theater, and Pangea World Theater. Her Poetry has been included in numerous anthologies including the St. Paul Almanac, Indigenous Women's Network and others.

Julia Gay is an actor, dancer, poet, playwright, and teaching artist. She completed her B.A. at Macalester College, studying American Studies, Urban Studies, and Theatre. She is in her third season as a dancer with Minneapolis based professional dance company, Ananya Dance Theatre (ADT). Julia is the recipient of The Playwrights' Center's 2017-18 Many Voices Mentorship and was one of five artists awarded the 2016-17 Creative Changemakers Apprenticeship by The DIAL Group.

Ellis Perez is a gender non-conforming, queer poet and performer based out of Minneapolis. They have been featured in shows produced by the Err Collective and Slap Happy Studios. Their work is vulnerable and aches like a fresh bruise. They eat too many Pop Tarts, take too many naps, and live in a cozy apartment with their dog and partner.

nnezz "Nezzie" Garcia is a queer Cuban flow arts and fire performer born in Chicago, Illinois and based out of Minneapolis since 2006. Her passion for flow arts began when she picked up her first hula hoop in 2010 and has flourished in the 8 years since.  From there, she began to explore a variety of props such as poi and fans, but her prop of choice is the hoop.

Mimi Solis is a hip hop artist and dancer who grew up on the West Side of St Paul. she is a performer with New Black City. With her disciplined dance background and use of hip hop as activism, Solis’s craft is one that makes her stand out as a promising up and coming artist in the Twin Cities.

Christian Ybarra is a visual artist who grew up on the West Side of St. Paul, reoccurring themes throughout Ybarra’s work showcase themes on mental health, queerness and self discovery, all through a surreal and expressionist lens, to make a body of work that is uniquely theirs. 

Beliza Torres Narváez is an artist/scholar/educator, and theatre professor at Augsburg University. Since moving to the Minneapolis in 2015 she has directed Karina Casiano’s Silence is Health (Augsburg), she was a puppeteer in Bookworms Tales (HOTB), and she presented her solo performance Resabios de Amargura or that bitter cabaret (Strike Theatre).

Keila Anali is a theater maker in the twin cities and proud ensemble member of Pangea World Theater. Her first production "Only I" was performed last spring, "What I Have Left To Eat" is her second full(er) play and she is humbled by the opportunity. Keila's work is informed by her identity, the lands of which she is indigenous to, and a deep connection to spirit and ancestry. She's grateful to Hector and Patrick's Cabaret for making space for her in this special event.