Now that's a sunset! - our last public message


For the past 32 glorious years, Patrick's Cabaret has been a leader in building opportunities and connections so that artists on the edge of culture can thrive. Our sunset season was certainly no exception. Here's a snapshot of all we accomplished this season:
    • Served 220 artists across all our programs, reaching 529 audience members - all in just the first half of the year!
    • Produced the work of 71 artists in our Cabaret program: 79% emerging, 52% women, 77% people of color, 68% LGBTQ, 21% immigrants/refugees, 35% transgender, and 20% people with disabilities 
    • Supported 5 curators as they produced their own events: 100% emerging, 60% women, 80% people of color, 80% queer, 40% transgender, and 20% immigrants/refugees
    • Continued a Teaching Artist Residency program with adults living with HIV at The Aliveness Project and created a new Teaching Artist Residency program for students at Southside Family Charter School, providing paid teaching opportunities for 8 Teaching Artists to work with 76 Learners
    • Facilitated 5 Artist Education series workshops inviting artists on the edge of culture to teach their peers about the personal and professional skills they've developed to thrive on the margins
    • Collectively mourned the loss and celebrated the life of Patrick's Cabaret with the FUNeral and our retrospective book Out on the Edge: three decades of Patrick's Cabaret, tracing the history of the organization
    • Hosted 4 Community Roundtable conversations exploring how we, as an organization and as a community, can "pass the torch" to the next generation of artists and organizers, which culminated in The Tipping Point, a panel discussion centering queer & trans BIPOC voices
Talk about going out with a bang! Whether you joined us for your first cabaret this spring or have been with us for the past 32 years, thank you for being a part of the Patrick's Cabaret family. You have made all the difference and we couldn't think of a better way to ride off into the sunset than with you by our side.
Boundless gratitude,
Your friends and family at Patrick's Cabaret

A Celebration of Patrick's Cabaret

Watch this video featuring some of the highlights of our sunset season!

Video by Ari Newman

A Celebration of Patrick's Cabaret from Patrick's Cabaret on Vimeo.