Seeking artists for "Anything But English"

Anything But English

Proposals due: Monday, February 19th at 11:59pm

Performances: Friday and Saturday, April 20-21, 2018

at Pangea World Theater, 711 W Lake St. #101 Minneapolis, MN 55408

Curated and hosted by Margaret Ogas


Curator Margaret Ogas seeks artists whose native language is Anything but English, an interdisciplinary and intersectional multilingual cabaret. This year's production marks the third iteration of "Anything But English," and is produced by Patrick's Cabaret in partnership with Pangea World Theater.

In many of our personal and collective histories, mother tongues are threatened by forces of diaspora, colonization, and acculturation. Pero  like...marginalized communities in particular have transformed language to persevere in new and unwelcoming spaces. How is language used to resist oppression and transcend borders?

We invite artists to send proposals for works that explore the loss, reclamation, and transformation of their native language and self-identified culture. Artists of all disciplines and experiences are welcome, including, but not limited to dancers, musicians, poets, storytellers, and interdisciplinary performers. We are especially excited about proposals for experimental works that combine multiple disciplines or media. 

Ready to propose your work? Submit an online artist proposal by visiting


Each proposal represents an "act" producing 10-15 minutes of content, regardless of the number of people involved. While Curators may decide to offer performers a different rate, typically Curators select 6 acts, and each ACT is paid a fee of $60/night, guaranteed unless the show is canceled, the artist(s) does not perform, or the artist(s) leaves before the end of the event. Additionally, each act will receive advanced tickets to sell for the run of the show. Artists can offer ticket sales to their friends and fans at a discounted rate of $10/each, and keep all of that money — it goes directly into their pockets. Acts appearing in two nights of a show will get 5 tickets to sell for the run, and acts appearing in only one night of a show will get 2 tickets to sell for the run. Each act can then expect to make fees of $170 for 2 nights, and $80 for 1 night, plus additional revenue if the event is over 80% sold. 

Artist proposals due by Monday, February 19th at 11:59PM

We will contact you by Fabruary 27th to let you know if we can include you in this event.