Seeking performers for CabarABLE


WEIRD: Embracing the Weirdness

Proposals due: Monday, September 25th at 11:59pm

Performances: Friday, November 17th at 7:30PM / Saturday, November 18th at 7:30PM

at Pangea World Theater, 711 West Lake St., Minneapolis, MN

CabarABLE is Patrick's Cabaret's annual show featuring artists with disabilities, and 2017 will mark the fourth year we will have hosted this event. Previous years' themes included "Love," "Work," and "Rights/Responsibilities." Nikki Abramson — who appeared in the 2016 CabarABLE, and recently produced the Fringe Festival show "Beyond Limits" — will be this year's Curator. 


In its fourth year of featuring artists with disabilities in partnership with VSA Minnesota, CabarABLE is embracing the weirdness of having a disability. Challenges. We all have had awkward and weird moments within our disabilities. Many times we have heard the negative "life sucks" moments in those challenges. Let's hear how you embrace the weird in your disability — in life. Can being weird be a good thing? How can we live within a more inclusive world? Join actor and teaching artist Nikki Abramson as Curator as we explore, share, and create art with you — what we truly want you to know about us that makes us who we truly are. 

Ready to propose your activity? Submit an online artist proposal by visiting


Any artist with a disability — of any experience level or discipline — is welcome to submit a proposal. The proposed work does not have to be about disability, however. Regardless, it must have an artistic goal and be related in some way to the theme. 


Artists are paid a stipend of $50/night, guaranteed unless the show is canceled, the artist does not perform, or the artist leaves before the end of the event. Additionally, artists will receive advanced tickets to sell for the run of the show. Artists can offer ticket sales to their friends and fans at a discounted rate of $10/each, and keep all of that money — it goes directly into their pockets. Artists appearing in two nights of a show will get 5 tickets to sell for the run, and artists appearing in only one night of a show will get 2 tickets to sell for the run. Artists can then expect to make up to $150 for 2 nights, and up to $70 for 1 night. 

Event proposals due by Monday, September 25th at 11:59PM

We will contact you by Tuesday, October 3rd to let you know if we can include you in this event.