Thanks for your interest in Performing at Patrick’s Cabaret! Patrick’s Cabaret is a queer-led performance art incubator supporting the growth and development of artists on the edge of culture. The organization produces work by hundreds of artists each year, with a particular focus on making space for artists of color, with disabilities, and on the LGBT/Queer spectrum to tell their stories in a welcoming, supportive, and transformative environment.

Here’s a quick picture of what we do and how you can participate:


The cornerstone of our programming is the "Cabaret" formula Patrick Scully started 30 years ago in 1986: multiple artists under a shared bill presenting their own short-form work. Each show, typically consisting of six acts by independent artists, is designed to offer a mix of artistic disciplines, experience levels, and creative viewpoints.

Currently, most Cabaret events are organized by Guest Curators (see below), but we strongly encourage Guest Curators to make their curation process as open as possible, often including an open call. You can see all the current opportunities for artists on our Call for Performers page. 

Guest Curatorships

We nurture a cohort of arts-based organizers ready to stretch their creative leadership to a new level. We seek to support both emerging curators ready to develop skills and experience in community-driven event production, and experienced curators ready to deepen their curatorial practice in the context of a particularly open-minded community arts institution.

Guest Curatorships are currently curated by invitation, but that may change in the near future, please connect with Scott to indicate your interest in participating in the future.

Raw Material: the Calof Development Series

Inspired by Joan Calof, a beloved artist and tireless supporter of the Cabaret, Raw Material ran as The Calof Series for three years before shifting its name and format just slightly for a new era. Raw Material: the Calof Development Series invites three performance artists of any genre to share new work in progress, engaging in an on-stage interview about their process, and participate in a critical conversation with the audience.

Raw Material is curated by invitation, but you are much more likely to be invited if you participate in other parts of our programming first, so check out our Call for Performers to see how you can get involved with Patrick's Cabaret. If you have performed in the past, connect with Scott to indicate your interest in participating in the future.

Artist Education & Services

Artist Education programs are peer-led workshops of particular interest to artists on the edge of culture. Drawing from the concepts of Paulo Freire and Pedagogy of the Oppressed, this new series of workshops is a way for artists to develop new professional and personal skills that will help them navigate, subvert, and even disassemble the systems designed to limit our success. Artists interested in presenting a workshop should visit our Calls for Performers page to see any open calls for workshop proposals. Visit our Calendar to view upcoming Artist Education events, which are open to anyone. 

Patrick's Cabaret provides a range of services to artists, including documentation, fiscal sponsorship, 1-on-1 career counseling, and mentorships focused on the needs of artists who face structural barriers to success because of race, gender, sexuality, class, immgration status, disability, among other identities. Artist services are typically available to artists who have performed with the Cabaret in the past, please connect with us to start a conversation about how we can help you. 

Teaching Artist Residencies

For 30 years, Patrick's Cabaret has helped artists tell their stories in a welcoming, supportive, and transformative environment. We continue that work by offering customized workshops and residencies with organizations, growing new art and new artists directly in our community.

Teaching Artist Residencies are carefully designed to help participants find and hone their creative voices in their own spaces and on their own terms. We work closely with organizations to develop a custom residency format to meet the community's learning and social goals, and put artists from the Cabaret's artist network to work on shaping the experience together. Current projects include work with LGBTQ youth and adults living with HIV.

Artists wishing to participate in these programs can see current opportunities to teach on the Call for Performers page. Organizations interested in bringing this program to their communities, whether for one workshop or a year-long residency, can contact Scott to start the conversation.