Performance Agreement

Please note: Because we are no longer in our own venue, we have changed some details about working with Patrick's Cabaret. Both new AND returning artists are strongly encouraged to review the details here before applying to or agreeing to participate in an event.

The following information is specific to performing in our signature Cabaret events (Open Call Cabarets, Concept Cabarets, and Guest Curated Cabarets). Other programs will have different expectations, payment structures, and ticket policies.

The Artist Packet & Performance Agreement

If you are offered a place in a Cabaret performance, you will receive a copy of the full Performance Agreement as part of your Artist Packet, which will also include tickets for you to sell and promotional materials. The Quick Guide below lists some of the key points of information if you are thinking about performing in a Cabaret event. If you have any questions about the details here, or would like to review the entire packet, please contact your Guest Curator or Scott at

Quick Guide - The Essential Details!

The performance agreement contains important information that will help you have a great experience with us, it outlines what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. For easy reference, here is a quick summary:

Payment (***NEW!***)

We have a new payment structure for artists in the 2016 Fall Season, which is based on research from average payments to artists in the past, and a better alignment with our values of supporting artists. These new policies are a first-step, and we may revise them after the end of the season. Artist payments include 3 factors: 

  • Artists will now be paid a stipend of $50/night, guaranteed unless the show is canceled, the artist does not perform, or the artist leaves before the end of the event.
  • Additionally, artists will receive advanced tickets to sell for the run of the show. Artists can offer ticket sales to their friends and fans at a discounted rate of $10/each, and keep all of that money--it goes directly into their pockets, and Patrick's Cabaret never needs to touch it. Artists appearing in two nights of a show will get 5 tickets to sell each, and artists appearing in only one night of a show will get 2 tickets to sell each.
  • Finally, if the event reaches 80% or more capacity (meaning, 80% of available seats are sold), artists will receive a 50% split of the box office from remaining tickets sold at the night's average ticket price.

Artists can then expect to make up to $150 for 2 nights, and up to $70 for 1 night, plus additional revenue if the event is more than 80% full. This change from our previous policy will actually represent a general increase in payments to artists, which is aligned with our value to compensate artists as best we can.

Technical Rehearsal & Technical Support

Patrick's Cabaret handles all event logistics related to tech. The technical capabilities of our performances vary based on where we perform, and those variations are considerable. Our advice is to assume the venue has relatively limited technical needs--that way you'll be pleasantly surprised when you find out we can do more! Please connect with your curator early if you have questions about what is possible in the space where you will be performing. 


All Cabaret events have a technical rehearsal. Based on feedback from artists over the last couple of years, and the fact that there will be limited familiarity with our new venues, we have added a technical rehearsal at the venue a few days ahead of opening night whenever possible. Otherwise tech rehearsal will happen from 5-7pm on opening night. Tech rehearsal is mandatory, and generally occurs on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Supporting and respecting the other artists in the event means staying to enjoy the work of everyone sharing the stage that evening. To that end, all artists are expected to attend the entire performance, from beginning to end, and leaving early without approval ahead of time will mean forfeiting your artist stipend. Please speak with your curator if you need to make other arrangements.


As a grassroots organization, we depend on everyone’s participation in attracting an audience to enjoy the show. Please do whatever you can to ensure we have a nice crowd by being an active ambassador and enthusiastic promoter of the event. Patrick’s Cabaret will create and give you advanced tickets to sell (more details below), postcards, and make a Facebook invite to help you promote the event. We also promote the show through our own channels, including a press release, online and social media messaging, relationships with local businesses, and signage. An invitation by perfomers, however, are by far the biggest reason people attend--so invite early and often!

Ticket Sales & Box Office (***NEW!***)

Tickets are available through advance sales through the artists, online, or at the box office on the day of the performance.

  • Tickets for Artists to Sell: Patrick’s Cabaret will give you advance tickets to sell which you sell at $10 each. You keep everything you earn through advance ticket sales; it goes right into your pocket and we never need to touch the money. Artists are provided 5 tickets for the run of the show if performing 2 nights, and 2 tickets if performing 1 night. Artists are stronly discouraged to discount or give away tickets for free--your work is valuable and worthy of a paid audience supporting you.
  • Online Tickets: Tickets are available online for $10 plus a small service fee ($11.34 total). After you have ceased selling your own tickets, it's best to encourage audience members to purchase tickets online. They receive a small discount, and you are closer to ensuring a full house, which might mean more revenue for you if we reach more than 80% of capacity.
  • Box Office sales: Tickets at the door are $12-15 on a sliding scale.
  • Will Call tickets: If the artist is not able to get a physical ticket to someone who has bought an advanced ticket, we will hold the physical ticket at the box office with the patron’s name. 


Patrick’s Cabaret is committed to providing a supportive environment for artists to explore new parts of their practice, which may include provocative and challenging content. While we do not censor work for content or style, we reserve the right to halt activities that pose a threat, figurative or literal, to the safety and well-being of the space and its occupants.