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Controlled Burn: queer performance for a world on fire

Named for the practice of intentionally setting fire to a prairie to promote new growth, Controlled Burn is a cabaret mini-festival featuring "queer performance for a world on fire." An intersectional space for queer performers, especially artists of color and with disabilities. Curated by three fiercely talented queer artists of color, this special three-night event will feature 18 acts, with a different line-up each evening.
Co-Curated and Hosted by Nicole M. Smith, Rosa Garcia, and Dua Saleh


My Horrifying Holiday 2: It Returns!

Following last year’s successful first run of “My Horrifying Holiday,” which featured performers lambasting the discomfort of the holiday season, in 2017 Patrick’s Cabaret has handed over the keys to the radical queer curator team Baby Patê, made up of self-described “depraved BFFs” gelli spinelli and Christian Balden have invited performers to put their horrifying holiday to rest, and invent and explore a unique holiday through performance.


Animal Kingdom Cabaret

artists gone WILD! Patrick’s Cabaret presents performances about all things beastly, both exotic and familiar. The word "animal" comes from the Latin "animalis," meaning having breath, having soul, or living being? In biology the Animal Kingdom (or "Kingdom Animalias") includes all manners of beings, from cats and lions to jellyfish and insects--and, of course, humans (though we often forget we're animals too).

My Horrifying Love Life!


This one’s for all the love fools! Patrick’s Cabaret invites artists to take part in an event on Valentine’s Day weekend devoted to sharing our most hilariously-embarrassing stories of the search for love. Equal parts confessional shame-fest and group therapy, we’re hoping that even if it hurt then, at least we can laugh about it now...?


Sarah McPeck

Hector Chavarria (the Big Gay Mexican)

Cassandra Snow & Company

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