Guest-Curated Cabarets


Following two years of successful events thanks to a partnership with VSA Minnesota, the state organization for arts and disability, the third iteration of this annual cabaret for performance artists with disabilities will be guest curated by storyteller Alison Bergblom Johnson. People with disabilities have rights laid out in such legislation as the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. These phrases may, as unlikely as it may seem, come tripping off our tongues as people with disabilities.

Nativeret: “Chases the Dream”

An evening of native humor, music, poetry spoken word, and dance.

A performing art pow wow with a full range of native artists, young and old. Host Tom LaBlanc ‘Old Dakota’ performing poetry. Isabella LaBLanc will join her father with a fancy shawl dance. If you are a native come enjoy laughing and hear about yourself. If you are a non-native come and share, become a friend. Become a blood relation without shedding any blood.

Circulation: Connecting Through Embodying Rhythm (Guest Curator: Erinn Liebhard)

This cabaret features work by Erinn Liebhard with BrassZilla AND Steven Hobert, the Eclectic Edge Ensemble, Karla Grotting, SEE MORE PERSPECTIVE, Dameun Strange, Darrius Strong, THE SUMMER COATS and Magnolia Yang-Sao-Yia. Classic jazz, rock, tapping, acid jazz, funk, house, swing and other approaches to rhythm will circulate through this evening, connecting styles and people through deeply-felt aural and kinesthetic experiences.



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