Special Events

Use this term for fundraisers, etc.

Sunsetting Community Roundtable - February

Patrick’s Cabaret invites artists, organizers, and others who care about the future of radical creative spaces in the Twin Cities to join us for our first Community Roundtable on Monday, February 26th.

Our monthly Community Roundtables are intentional spaces for critical and productive conversations about how we as a community will move forward the legacy of Patrick’s Cabaret following the organization’s conclusion. Together we will explore how we, as an organization and as a community, can “pass the torch” to the next generation of artists and organizers.

Lake Street Cultural Connect - June

Pangea World Theater and Patrick's Cabaret invite Lake Street businesses, organizations, and residents to join us for the upcoming Lake Street Cultural Connect. These gatherings will be held every other month with the goal of bringing stakeholders and community members of Lake Street around the same table to engage in conversation about the future and sustainability of Lake Steet as a vibrant cultural and artistic corridor. 

Conversation will center voices of artists though allies are welcome!

My Horrifying Holiday

Artists take aim at "the most wonderful time of the year" with this scathing, comedic anti-holiday event that might make even Scrooge cringe and the Grinch shudder. Bring the whole family so you can spend 2 hours not having to talk to one another!
Paul Nemeth
Akiko Ostlund
Hector Chavarria aka "The Big Gay Mexican"
Alyssa Perau
Kafiya Ahmed


SOAPBOX: Pop-Up Open Mics

As an artist, you are a political being. Your audience is a political body. Your work is political work. Patrick’s Cabaret invites artists to step up to the SOAPBOX Open Mic and claim space for art as a site of political power. Each open mic will include two featured artists presenting politically-oriented work, plus opportunities for 7 people to spend up to 7 minutes each onstage expressing hopes, dreams, fears, and calls to action in this tumultuous political season.

Artist Education: GAYming the System: tax tools for creative queers (& allies)

Learn how to fight the system--by doing your taxes!

Let's be real: Tax law is written, on the whole, to uphold the white patriarchy, and its benefits are overwhelmingly concentrated away from marginalized communities. Artists and other creative professionals, in particular, are underserved by this system. Until we can radically remake our economy, we've got to help each other navigate it.

Out of the Firehouse, Into the Fire

After a dry summer we’re preparing to set the fall season ablaze, starting with a “Becoming-Out Party” to spark a new era for Patrick’s Cabaret!

Come eat with us, drink with us, and think with us as we introduce upcoming Cabaret events and invite you to help us shape what we are Becoming. Featuring:

  • Special performances by Patrick’s Cabaret artists to set the mood


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